S/S 2017: InTranslation

Continuing the theme of our last collection, InTranslation, our SS17 Collection, will launch very soon and will focus on technique and fabrication. The entirety of this new collection is much more "slow" fashion and something I can enjoy making and you all can enjoy buying and owning for a long time.

I've undertaken some labor intensive techniques this time around, including hand painting fabrics, lots of new patterns and silhouettes for the clothing line, several new styles of kilim and mud cloth bags, and more. It's been more about about taking a moment to discover what makes a piece special. No two pieces are or will be alike-- it's all headed to a one of a kind place. Each item takes a little longer to make, but the yield is... WORTH. IT. 

I'm so inspired by texture and pattern and the way they make me feel.  I'm working with textiles that have a history; kilims from the Middle East, hand-dyed mud cloth from Africa, and making my own marks too.

~ I hope these become the pieces that others chase you down the   street to ask about and the things you'll want to carry and use and wear  every day and forever. ~

The new clothing pieces will be available first, followed soon by the kilim and leather pieces. New pieces will be added as they become available, so check Social Media (FB and IG) often for the best selection. If you see something you need to have or want to customize before I list it in the store, just let me know! Claim it before someone else does!

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