Handira and Leather Clutch

Sennit + Sauvage

$ 50.00

An authentic Berber Wedding Blanket, a handira, is traditionally made by the wife to be and her female family members to show the grooms family that she has weaving skills. The blanket is then used throughout the wedding ceremony and later as the blanket the couple sleeps under after their first night of being husband and wife. Afterwards, the wife will wear it around her like a cape while traveling to her new home. We've salvaged pieces of an authentic handira and given them new life. 

100% Leather and Recycled Antique Handira 

Hand cut and sewn 

Lined in cotton with stamped logo.

Approximate Size: 

H: 6.5" 
W: 10"

Please allow for tiny imperfections from handcrafting, marks or some color/texture variations due to natural leather hide (i.e. brands or scars). 

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